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Stretto (2018-19)


o regina purrisima

regina angelorum

pro me rogita

regina virginum

sancta virgo virginum

regina sacratissimi rosarii

regina pacis

mater christi

protege benigna tuum filium

o formosa

plus quam rosa

sensum visita

stella sanctissima

sancta castissima mystica

sedes sapientiae

castissima stella coeli

rosa mystica

causa nostrae laetitiae

rosa protege tuum filium

lux divina matutina

turris davidica

omni laude digna

ianua coeli

tuum filium protege benigna


Program Note:



Cicadas, their endless chant, polyphony of plenty repeated buzzings.

Pandits from Rajasthan, recording of their vedic mantras, many passionate voices repeating one tone in plenty of shadings and variations.

Ars subtilior.

The Litany of Loreto.


One particular microtone. (The C lowered a 1/6-tone, creating the septimal minor third to A. Minor third with more sorrow inside.)

Territory where singing and speech overlap and knit.

Asynchrony of pulsating. Six similar speeds.

Czech pronounciation of t, k, p – dry, thin (no aspiration). When spoken lightly, like on tiptoes, it may sound like falling little drops of water or slight electric sparkling.

Phoneme families. The verses are reordered according to their sound to a certain families (a rattling family “rrR”, a buzzing family “zzzZ” etc.).

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